Making choices to win

A well aligned set of objectives, plans and actions is key for moving forward for a company of any size. The bigger the organization becomes, the more difficult it is to keep such alignment. History of previous successes creates a false perception of management’s readiness to face challenges brought by organizational growth. Successful leaders need to constantly revisit and unlearn their habits to keep all options open and trade some speed to market for preparation and thinking.

1. Marketing Strategy

We believe that strategy is a process that companies adopt when they are not willing to waste significant money and resources on building momentum in wrong direction. When a company builds a clear and defined thinking process to approach strategy, individual managers become more effective making clearer and harder choices.

How we help

  • define your aspiration and objectives that will drive selection of strategies

  • assess and prioritize your growth opportunities both qualitatively and quantitatively

  • generate options and estimate their suitability to capture growth

  • assess capabilities required to follow the selected course of action

  • generate management tools to keep you on the right track


  • Strategic aspiration

  • Comparative financial analysis based on publicly available data

  • Competitiveness analysis in selected industries

  • Market segmentation

  • Opportunity assessment for market segments based on available market data

  • Complex marketing strategy (selection of market segments, definition of roles, objectives and investment stances for brands, retail and distribution channels)

2. Brand positioning

As a core concept of marketing, brand positioning is highly overused in many companies. Multiple interpretations of the term and numerous tools used to define it create a wall of ignorance from company leaders and functions other than marketing. We help to bring brand positioning to life with a structured process of its management. You will be able to talk the same language and streamline the entire organization to deliver the intended consumer value.

How we help

  • assess current perceptions and rules in the category

  • understand consumers and search for insights

  • define and plan brand assets and liabilities

  • create and develop brand distinctiveness


  • Audit of brand inventory vs competition

  • Consumer insight studies with research agencies

  • Brand positioning formulation and testing

  • Training of marketing teams on the process of brand positioning development

  • Development of brand KPIs to track brand image development

3. Annual brand planning

When a brand manager acquires influence over marketing related decisions within the entire  organization, marketing planning becomes essential for effectiveness and efficiency. This process will result in optimal allocation of brand resources to achieve annual brand objectives and may influence all company functions related to product manufacturing, supply, distribution and service.

How we help

  • train managers on key concepts and processes

  • support teams in ideation, quantification, selection, and planning of actions


  • Marketing audit of the brand

  • Baseline forecasting and gap analysis

  • Formulation and alignment of objectives (marketing, pricing, distribution, product quality, communication, advertising, creative, media, promotional)

  • Strategic brand planning to achieve objectives

  • Budget allocation for effectiveness and efficiency

  • Tracking tools creation and analysis

  • Marketing planning training for marketing teams