Turning strategy into results

Company's daily efforts to close the gap between strategy and execution is the most important challenge. Strong visions and well-crafted plans can get lost in translation, and frustration will accompany every step of the conversion. When strategy is stretching current team, it is important to support implementation and development so that the company makes a step forward not just dreams of it.

1. Management of creative agencies

A significant part of brand value in consumers’ perception is derived from strong creative solutions for packaging and communication. Creative agencies may bring all of that to marketing teams, but only if they manage to establish effective working relationships. However, marketers who just enter this expert area might need additional knowledge and external support to make the process smooth and productive. We assist companies in managing projects of advertising or packaging development with any type of creative teams.

How we help

  • stimulate clients to have full clarity of their tasks for agencies

  • assess agencies for engagement into projects

  • communicate with agencies during the process

  • assess budgets and timings

  • support clients at all stages from pitching to production of final creative materials

  • advise on testing of creative developments


  • Client brief preparation

  • Pitching of creative agencies

  • Supervision of the creative process

  • Supervising consumer testing of creative development

  • Pitching of production houses

  • Supervision of the production process

2. Development of marketing capabilities

When a company is rapidly growing, the organization needs to develop fast to match the increasing complexity of challenges and strategies. This requires structural approach to assessment and development of personnel and internal roles that we help companies acquire.

How we help

  • assess, plan and support the development of marketing teams

  • help match management structure to adopted strategies


  • Functional capabilities assessment for role requirements and personnel

  • Tailored training sessions on a wide range of marketing functional areas

  • Redesign of the target setting process

  • Organizational design for marketing teams

3. Marketing metrics

When companies implement a variety of marketing and sales tools they need feedback mechanisms to improve the effectiveness of efforts and efficiency of investments. They need to understand the breadth, depth, and power of metrics that may be available to them. High-value metrics can be established for almost all aspects of marketing and on various levels of decision making.

How we help

  • assist managers in planning measurement, tracking, and target setting

  • reduce complexity and analysis time for exception-based dashboards and drill-down tools

  • assist with activity-based costing implementation for return on investment or return on objective analysis


  • Marketing metrics for different levels of management

  • Management dashboards

  • Regular brand performance reports

  • Post-implementation reviews

  • Marketing spend effectiveness analysis